What is this show?

This is Political Food, the podcast where we search the globe (internet) to bring you recipes inspired by politics. What does that mean? It means the dishes we talk about are either the products of political events (war, immigration, …) or have been named for political figures (there are a surprising amount of campaign foods in the world). The goal is to find foods you may not have tried from places you may not have been while peppering in some conflict you may not have known about. Because, everyone wants a little more politics in their meals… right?

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The Food History Disclaimer: Recipes emerge over time and are often the result of a collection of individuals. The history of their origins is often the stuff of legend and hearsay, stories passed down over generations. Meaning: take everything with a grain of salt (get it?) and we will let you know what is myth, what might be true and what is verifiable. The sources for each show as well as the recipes are all available on this site.


Who are we?

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Adriene Lilly Producer & Host
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Olivia Bennett Photographer & Host
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