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Posted on Feb 26, 2016

In this special episode of Political Food we welcome historian Sarah Emily Duff to talk about the South African treat – Hertzoggies.

This dessert is a pastry base filled with jam and covered in a coconut meringue. They are delicious and we’re definitely going to be making more of these. Their political ties are to a former Prime Minister of South Africa — JBM Hertzog ( time in power: 1924-1939) —  who’s policies further entrenched segregation and limited the rights of black and colored South Africans. To learn more, listen to the episode and find some of Sarah’s insight in her post Take the Biscuit.

Sarah is a researcher at Wits in Johannesburg and maintains the food and history blog Tangerine and Cinnamon.




Posted on Feb 12, 2016

For our first episode we made Hutspot, talked about the Dutch war of independence, William of Orange (aka William the Silent) and discovered the carrot museum.

For a full history listen to the podcast and for the recipe read on.

This is the traditional meal of the October 3rd festival which commemorates the end of the 1574 siege of Leiden. A Dutch mash of potato, carrot and onion that is hugely improved by adding something extra.

This is a dish that is accompanied very closely by its legend. The story of Hutspot begins with the 80 Years War (aka The Dutch War Of Independence) which lasted between 1568 and 1648. This is a war between the Spanish, who are ruling over the Netherlands at this time, and the Dutch, who are trying to gain independence. One of the major events of this war happens in 1573-74 in the town of Leiden. In October 1573 the Spanish surrounded Leiden, a town under rebel control, in hopes of starving out the Dutch and taking back the area. A year later (after many battles and close calls) the Spanish are forced out by troops sent by William of Orange (the man who the orange carrot was not made to honor) and the town remains Dutch. Legend has it that the Spanish were in such a hurry to leave their posts that they left a pot of boiling carrots, potatoes and onions and thus Hutspot was born. For a more detailed history of the dish, the war, William of orange and a cat named Buurtpoes Bledder; listen to the podcast.

Continue reading for a text/photo version of the recipe and links to our sources…